Our Mission

ROAR FLORIDA empowers individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities and helps them discover and fulfill their greatest potential.

Our Vision

Create an environment where people with intellectual or developmental disabilities fulfill their greatest potential.


We are kind, caring and empathetic.


We boldly step forward together in spite of the obstacles.


We relentlessly seek to understand each other and create mutual trust.

Our Values


We always act with honesty, honor and transparency.


We initiate, develop and nourish meaningful connections.


We enable individuals to take control of their own development and create their own destiny.

Our Management Team!

Meet the people who help our community thrive

Cauney Bamberg

Cauney Bamberg


Cindy Haer

Cindy Haer

Director of Advancement of Philanthropy

Brenda Grella

Brenda Grella

Chief Operating Officer

Christina Hall

Christina Hall

Director of Events & Programs

Caleb Prescott

Caleb Prescott

Finance Manager

Katie Orso

Katie Orso

Resident Activities Coordinator

Rose Nurse

Rose Nurse

Senior Regional Director, Royal America Management



Amazing people

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there a waiting list for residents?

Typically, demand for affordable and accessible apartments is high and the length of time from application to move-in can vary greatly. As with any apartment community, it’s common for there to be some turnover as a resident’s annual leases expire.

How can I help your organization?

ROAR FLORIDA is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that relies on financial and volunteer support. Please help us continue our mission by donating funds or volunteering your time and talents. There are many ways to help enrich the lives of our residents and friends. Visit the Partners’ page to know about how you can help.

Can I visit your community?

Availability for tours is limited. Please call us to find out if we are taking tours at the time you are interested.

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